The importance of General Dental Care

Brushing teeth is such a mundane everyday activity, that it’s just one of those things we do out of force of habit and when we are half asleep. But our teeth deserve a lot more value than that. It is a part of the body that is put to so much use every day, we have to take better care of it. After all, we all know how much a tooth ache can ruin a day!General Dental care has to be taken by every person be it a man, woman or child. Lack of oral hygiene can result in problems as embarrassing as bad breath to those as scary as a root canal surgery. A visit to the dentist regularly can prevent so many unnecessary consequences. The first and best step is always prevention. Preventive Dentistry involves regular visits to a dentist who knows all your health details and vitals and is able to provide you with proper solutions. Gum health is evaluated in these regular check-ups and the chances of gum diseases are checked and eliminated. The teeth are scaled and polished so that they remain infection free and also beautiful! Proper oral hygiene techniques that can be followed at home are taught to the patient so that he or she can always take good care of their teeth. For kids, fluoride application is done as this is the best infection preventing agent. The fitting of braces to treat improper bites is also an important dental treatment. Braces can be fit on anyone to make sure their teeth are shaped properly and malocclusion is prevented. This too, is better to be done at an early stage. This way, the kids grow up as adults with perfect teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry is also becoming more and more popular as these deals with the beautifying of the teeth. Everyone wants the perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry includes teeth whitening, reshaping of a tooth to match the rest, repairing broken tooth by the usage of porcelain crowns to cover them and the closing of gaps between the teeth. These treatments are done more so to appeal to the aesthetic senses than for aesthetic reasons. But then again, this does contribute to a healthy and good looking mouth.

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